2018 Conference reports – Mothers’ Union

It has been a busy year for Mothers’ Union in Wales. The General Meeting was held in Swansea in September with many members from other Provinces visiting Wales for the first time.

Worldwide membership of the MU continues to increase, with over four million members, yet sadly numbers are decreasing in England and Wales. In St. Davids Diocese many branches are closing yet we still have a membership of over 900 people. These members still work diligently to support projects in their branches, the diocese and worldwide. There is a new Constitution in MU which has streamlined the movement to bring us up to date with current needs and modern technology.

In line with changes within the Church, MU also has a shared vision of becoming a re–energised movement. As a result, it has introduced a new process, called the MULOA process – Mothers’ Union Listening, Observing and Acting – which is progressing well worldwide. It is slowly filtering through the Dioceses in Wales. The process has been well accepted in many branches in our own Diocese and has encouraged members (and nonmembers) to discuss more about their faith and how they can reach out to people in their own communities. It is hoped that all branches (and many non-MU organisations) will have experienced the MULOA process by the end of 2019.

Revd Glenys Payne, St Davids Mothers’ Union President