2018 Conference reports – Ecumenism

It is heartening to see so much ecumenical activity across our Diocese. Ecumenism is happening in so many ways in so many areas, in small and large communities; churches and denominations are working together to further the Kingdom of God.

In the main, ecumenism works through informal partnerships where friends of various denominations meet together to develop projects e.g providing volunteers for food banks, meals on wheels, street pastor schemes, the list is endless. It is also encouraging to recognise that the work is instigated from bottom up and not from the top down.

It is important to note that the Church in Wales is already in covenant for Union with the following: The Presbyterian Church in Wales, The Methodist Church (in Wales), The United Reformed Church of England and Wales and some Baptist Churches

I would be delighted to hear from any Parish or any LMA of their ecumenical work. In the last year there were many celebrations throughout our Diocese in commemoration of the Reformation as well as the more usual ecumenical activities such as, Women’s World Day of Prayer, joint Harvest Festivals, joint Christian Aid Week Services etc.

As Local Ministry Areas in the diocese expand we will need to see how the ecumenical dimension can enhance the work and witness of the Church. It would be good as we approach 2020 if each church would undertake a new ecumenical venture whether large or small. Our committee is currently drawing up plans in order to help LMAs with this opportunity.

The Church in Wales and our Diocese have committed us to act together wherever possible with other Churches and denominations, for as disciples of Christ we are called to work for the unity of Christ’s body. I am most grateful to the Ecumenism team for all their hard work in supporting ecumenical work within our diocese. We are anxious to expand our activity and are currently developing our strategy to achieve this. Thank you all for participating in this vital work.

Revd Canon Huw Mosford Ecumenism Officer