2018 Conference reports – Diocesan Housing Association

The Housing Association provides homes for retired clerics, or widows/widowers and dependants of clerics.

The Association endeavours to keep its housing in good repair and provides a responsive repair service for its tenants.

The Management Committee meet on three occasions each year. The Annual General Meeting was held on 10th May 2017.

Activity during the year: A new lease agreement between the Representative Body of the Church in Wales and St Davids Housing Association has been negotiated, outlining that the Housing Association will be equally responsible with the landlord and with the parish for boundary walls. Negotiations remain ongoing to finalise details.

There has been one change in tenancy with all twelve properties occupied at the year end.

Two kitchens and one boiler have been replaced.An £18,295 revenue grant was received from St Davids Diocesan Board of Finance towards modernising the properties.

Rents have been reviewed in line with the Consumer Price Index with the increase implemented on 1st January 2017.

The gross rental income for 2017 was £46,393; revenue grants and Investment Income received were £18,890. Administrative expenses amounted to £51,795. The resultant surplus on the Income and Expenditure Account was £13,488. At the year end the Balance Sheet showed net current assets totalling £61,124.

Looking ahead to 2018: It is envisaged (and hoped) that the issues regarding the wall repairs in Aberystwyth, which is forestalling the lease renewal, will be resolved. One property which has now become vacant, will be inspected prior to being made available for a new tenant.

Mrs Nia Evans BA FCCA, Hon Secretary