2018 Conference reports – Diocesan Advisory Committee

During the past year the Committee has met on six occasions. The once-yearly provincial meeting of the Chairmen & Secretaries of all the Diocesan Advisory Committees has yet to be held.

82 petitions for faculties were discussed of which 13 are still outstanding, awaiting further information. Broadly speaking, a Faculty covers all repairs, alterations or extensions to a church building which changes the fabric of the building, internally and externally.

This year, the faculty applications were mainly for maintenance, removing and accepting items from closed churches, stained glass, re-ordering to provide meeting room, toilet and kitchen facilities and restoration of significant historic monuments. A few site visits were carried out by the committee and various people from the Amenity Societies.

The Committee continues to supply the Churches & Pastoral Committee with architectural/archaeological reports upon closure and redundancy of churches.

The committee has changed membership considerably this year. The Very Revd Jonathan Lean retired as Chairman in September 2017. Mr Andrew Faulkner was appointed by the Bishop as the new Chairman, commencing July 2018. Thanks go to Ven Dr W A Strange who was Acting Chairman in the interim. Mrs. Louise Davies also retired as DAC Secretary in February 2018 after a long and fruitful period of service. In January 2018 I was appointed Care of Churches Officer, which includes the role of DAC Secretary within my remit.

We are in the process of introducing an online Faculty System, ‘OFS’, which aims to simplify the faculty process. In the past all Faculties had to be considered by the Chancellor but now there are three categories:

  • List A – where no Faculty is required;
  • List B’ – where the Diocesan Registrar decides after taking guidance from professional members on the committee;
  • Full Faculty – where it is passed on to the Chancellor to decide as previously.

Applications under all three categories will be processed and monitored by the DAC Secretary. Information relating to this and dates of meetings can be found on the Diocese of St Davids website (under Care of Churches).

Mrs Janet Every, Diocesan Advisory Committee Secretary