Bronglais FM 87.8


RB FM is a hospital radio station based at Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth. But it reaches out way beyond the wards and is popular with listeners across the area.

Established in 1970, it is run entirely by volunteers and offers a 24/7 mix of music and chat for the benefit primarily of hospital patients, visitors and staff but also for the local community.

Every Tuesday morning, the Brunch Show between 10am and Noon features guests from the local church community. This is the schedule for the next few weeks:

Tuesday 15th January:

There are big changes happening in the way Anglican churches all over Wales are organised, and Revd Marianne Osborne is the woman in charge of overseeing them.

Traditional parishes are merging into new groupings, called Local Ministry Areas. As Transition Missioner, Marianne’s role is to help congregations make the change smoothly.

The process is under way and will be complete by the end of the year. Tune in to find out how it works, and how it’s going.







Tuesday 22nd January

We need trees! That’s the cry from Carol Nixon who campaigns for Green Christian, a charity dedicated to the protection and restoration of our forests and woodlands.

Do you remember the seventies slogan: “Plant a tree in ’73, and plant one more in ‘74”? Well, we need to do more of it now than ever, forty-five years on. .

“We are responsible for our impact on God’s creation as a whole. Green Christian helps members to understand and relate these responsibilities to their faith, who can then encourage others in their local church to think seriously about these matters,” she says.

Wise words…

Tuesday January 29th