A Time of Change

Let’s embrace this opportunity to make positive changes in our mission and ministry, says Marianne Osborne, our new Diocesan Transition Missioner

I woke up this morning, drew back the curtains and thought about the day ahead: what would it bring? We are constantly being moulded, chiselled, shaped by our experiences, good and bad, and, of course, by the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Every day is different from the day before and we welcome this, because our goal is to be transformed into His glory, to become more Christ-like, emptying ourselves of human sin and contempt to make room for Him.

Thus, as we start our transition into Local Ministry Areas, we can be reassured that change is already in our lives – positive change that we work at by living through the example of Christ. I ask that this be reflected in the way we approach our structural changes: with hope and passion in the knowledge that we are not alone. If we work together, acknowledging one another’s gifts, then soon this transition will be as much a part of our lives as our calling as disciples.

We are, of course, afraid of the unknown. For most of us it’s true to say that we are creatures of habit: we find comfort in the things that have proved to be reliable over time, a certain nurturing, a comfortable way of being church. We must not allow fear to hold us back – scripture assures us repeatedly ‘fear not’, ‘be strong’, ‘I am with you always’.

We now have this opportunity to bring about change which is positive, using our time wisely, asking ourselves is our church healthy? Is it all that it can be, is our faith growing, are we sharing the Good News of Christ?

Bishop Joanna’s address at Diocesan Conference encouraged us to look at ourselves and to explore innovative ideas; yes, we will make mistakes, we may stumble as we journey forward but God will equip us for this journey if we embrace this time of transition. If we ask Him to guide us, new doors will open as others close.

As Diocesan Transition Missioner I am looking forward to meeting you all and enabling you to see that, with God, change can be positive and encouraging.

Be prayerful, worship regularly and be ready for the road ahead. Do not be afraid, take courage; when we are at our weakest and uncertain His strength will shine through.

If you feel you have gifts to enable and nurture change we are seeking up to six people to join the Transition team. Details on the diocesan website or e-mail me marianneosbor@aol.com