Animal life

This piece is divided by and held together by a six pointed star which spans the entire circle. As above so below. Earth and Heaven unite in a mystical awareness of the oneness of all being.

Blazing through the elements, earth, air, fire and water the brilliance of the star captures and holds together all the diverse animal forms.
The inner band of animals illustrates the animals of the North American Indian Zodiac. These animals attribute their qualities and essence to those humans born under the auspices of their sign.

The outer ring of animals includes an assortment of mammals, birds, fish and insects as an attempt to indicate the sheer diversity of animal life with which we share this creation.

The outermost band in which are the words Earth comes to Heaven as Heaven comes to Earth encompasses the rainbow colours of our planet. The ultramarine of heaven is bounded by the turquoise of the sea, the greens of the forests and plains and the yellows of the deserts and dry places of our world.

The six pointed star is an ancient symbol of the interpenetration of earth and heaven. It is used here as the basis of the composition to illustrate the imbuing of our physical world and its animal inhabitants, with the light and glory of the spiritual dimensions.

The fullness of our divine potential is present and can operate in our world, as we open ourselves to its reality and allow our spiritual selves to shine ourĀ  energy into the world around us. As we work out of the inspiration of the Spirit so we will become capable of visioning ways forward which are sustainable and wholesome for the whole life of creation, rather than acting out of our lower darker energies which hold us imprisoned in our selfishness, greed and destructiveness.