2018 Conference reports – Nominations Board

The Nomination Board holds quarterly business meetings to discuss upcoming vacancies, board procedures etc. The Nomination Board has updated its procedures in line with new Provincial Guidelines and current Human Resources legislation and now uses an interview panel to advise on all nominations.

The Board is involved twice in the cycle for nominations. The order is; Bishop, Diocese, Province, Diocese. If a parish is suspended, the Bishop may appoint a Priest in Charge. It is the policy of the Provincial Nomination Board to delegate the arrangements for interviews to the Diocese.

Since October 2012 The Board has agreed to co-operate with the Lord Bishop in the suspension of all current and future vacancies to assist with the creation of Local Ministry Areas in line with the Diocesan Strategy for Growth. Procedures have been drawn up to ensure the continued involvement of benefices in appointments.

Bishop Joanna has exercised her right to appoint to Suspended Benefices after consultation with the appropriate church officers in a number of benefices where it has been considered appropriate and guidelines have been drawn up for this process.

Parishes should be aware that the average vacancy lasts between 9 to 12 months. Currently there are a number of suspended vacant benefices, as well as a number of upcoming ones. The Bishop is actively looking at whether it will be necessary to advertise key vacancies outside of the diocese as we move forward or where there has previously been no internal interest.

As the diocese moves toward 23 LMAs which will also be United Parishes, it is hoped that there will be fewer vacancies as clergy will be licensed in teams across the LMAs. However, it is important that the members of Ministry Teams are also able to participate in the nomination procedure for prospective team members. It is hoped that necessary constitutional change at Provincial level will make this easier.

The Revd Caroline Mansell has been appointed as Assistant Secretary to the Nomination Board and will replace Ven Paul Mackness as Secretary after the 2018 Diocesan Conference