2018 Conference reports – Directorate of Mission

During 2017 the Mission Directorate found its feet as a co-ordinating body, bringing together representatives from the Communications Team (including Tourism), Parish Growth, Children and Youth Team, World Mission, Ecumenism and Interfaith.

In January 2018 the group decided it would be helpful to have a representative from Plant Dewi, who has been invited to subsequent meetings.

Because the areas of work of these various teams and groups are so close to one another, it is often the case that as representatives give a report on their work, other people are able to add new ideas and fresh perspectives: for example, at the November meeting we were able to explore new possibilities for local radio work.

The Directorate also functions as a kind of ‘snagging’ group, as discussion uncovers gaps in provision or issues which need to be addressed. And in these respects, it has a positive contribution to make to Diocesan life.

Ven Dr Will Strange, Director of Mission