2018 Conference reports – Communications Team

Pobl Dewi is probably the aspect of the work of the Communications Team most obvious to people around the Diocese. Each time the team meets, reviewing the previous issue and planning the next is a major part of the agenda.

Putting Pobl Dewi together and getting it out presents many challenges – for instance, developing the Welsh-language aspect, finding relevant and engaging focus sections, or ensuring that it actually gets delivered to congregations – however, finding sufficient material each time is never a problem.

Churches and individuals ensure that that the editorial team has more than enough to fill the printed version. This is where Pobl Dewi Extra comes in: the online version which gives the scope to develop articles and ideas at greater length than is possible on the printed page. Do make sure you take a look at it: https://stdavids.churchinwales.org.uk/life/pobldewi/pdextra/

The St Davids Diocese website continues to fulfil an important role. During the past year it has been reviewed and updated, as inevitably over time it tends to retain sections which are no longer relevant or are in need of improving. Like painting the Forth Bridge, maintaining the website is a job which never comes to an end.

The vocations videos on the website, mentioned in last year’s report, expanded further in 2017, with Shirley Murphy’s account of her physical and spiritual journey from Chennai to Carmarthen; Rhian Morgan and Rob Jones on re-establishing a Welsh-medium service in Llandeilo; and Dick Russill speaking about his ministry as organist in Fishguard, as well as touching on how his scientific training and his Christian faith relate to each other.

David Hammond-Williams, Revd Jennny Kimber and Revd Lyn Lewis Dafis, are building a very helpful library of resources in this video series: http://stdavids.churchinwales.org.uk/vocationvideo/

Sophie Whitmarsh and Hannah Karpaty made time in their busy lives to organise the diocesan stand at the Pembrokeshire Show in 2017, and at time of writing, have undertaken to do the same for 2018. This is a major public event, not just for Pembrokeshire but for the whole diocese and having a presence there does a great deal to remind people, who otherwise might not be aware of our life and work.

During 2017 Revd Peter Lewis maintained the work at Radio Pembrokeshire which he has been doing for many years. 2017 was a year of some uncertainty for local radio, and it has been very important that Peter kept this ministry going through that time of uncertainty, assisted by those willing to go to the studios in Narberth to be interviewed.

Meanwhile, in the north of the diocese, Radio Bronglais (RBFM) has continued to expand its work thanks to the efforts of Tessa Briggs and the co-ordinating work of Revd Mark Ansell. The contribution of churches and Christians from across the diocese to Radio Bronglais’ programmes is greatly welcomed.

In 2019 Radio Bronglais looks set to expand its work well beyond its initial scope as a hospital radio station and they have confirmed they wish to look at ways of developing our link with them further over the coming months. The input which churches have in this growing work could well prove a strategic opportunity.

Revd Ian Aveson produces our Calendar of Intercessions quarter by quarter, regularly and as accurately as is possible in a fast-changing diocesan situation. The cover pictures are chosen well in advance. But the content has to be put together at the last minute, given the rapid creation of new Local Ministry Areas and the movement of personnel. Aided by information from the Bishop’s Chaplain, Ian manages this difficult task with great skill.

We are delighted that Peter Lane has been able to take over as Team Secretary – he has quickly got on top of the jumble of names, places and acronyms which fly across the table at every meeting.

Ven Dr Will Strange Chair Communications Team