2 – DEEP PEACE: The landscapes of our Earth

Our world is a sacred blue planet. The only planet yet discovered which is capable of
sustaining and nurturing complex life.

We enjoy a fantastic variety of different landscapes on this earth, from tropical rainforests with their panoply of diverse life, to the arid sand deserts with their monumental dunes striding into the far blue distance.

The centre of this piece depicts a dream like paradise landscape. It lies at the heart of a
transparent silver cross whose arms embrace the wholeness of all creation.

Right at the heart of the cross is the glory of the sun, blazing forth its life living power as it burns at the heart of our existence. The light and glory of the Divine penetrates our whole being if we can turn and see and know the glory at the heart of all that is. The landscape is overarched by the rainbow, Gods covenant with the earth and all of creation.

A river pours from the dream like paradise garden, the river of eternal life, cleansing, refreshing, nurturing and sustaining all life, in the dimensions of this world and into the next.

Seeking and finding peace is central to our spiritual welfare and growth. The Deep Peace is there for us if we look for it in all aspects of our natural world, the running wave, the
flowing air, the quiet earth and the shining stars.

The Deep Peace of the prince of Peace, the light of the Divine sustains us as we move from this dimension of space and time into eternity and the experience the reality of eternal life.

Surrounding the central circle and embraced by the cross flows a band of water, which represents the moving, interconnected, oceans of our world with the their currents and flows and all marine life.

The different landscapes of our planet are wondrous in their diversity. They are the sacred land which nurtures and sustains our whole being.

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