Ecumenical Handbook


Ecumenical Handbook

This handbook is an initiative of the Diocesan Ecumenical Team to encourage and facilitate parishes within our diocese to cooperate and work more closely with other Churches that we may fulfil the demands of the Gospel and be more effective in our mission

The handbook is a very valuable resource for several reasons

  • It gives a very clear definition of ecumenism and explains the various umbrella organisations in Wales that seek to promote Christian Unity.

CHAPTER ONE: Ecumenism: An Introduction

CHAPTER TWO: Umbrella Ecumenical Bodies in Wales

  • It addresses the legal framework that facilitates cooperation between different denominations. This is crucial as we seek to be faithful to our own tradition whilst sharing with others in ministry and mission.

CHAPTER THREE: Ecumenism and Canon Law

  • The section entitled “Frequently Asked Questions” covers a range of topics, which will be of practical help to ministers and congregations.

CHAPTER FOUR: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Finally, you will find a very useful chapter of contacts from the main denominations in Wales.

     CHAPTER FIVE: Contacts with Other Churches