Directorate of Ministry

The Ministry Team co-ordinates and develops all forms of licensed, lay and ordained ministries within the Diocese.

The first step: arrange to meet one of our Vocations Advisers
Pembrokeshire: Revd Sian Wight
Carmarthenshire: Fr Ben Archibald


FoV was established  to provide a meeting point for those who feel called by God but are not sure to what.yet wish to explore further.


The centrepiece of its work is the bi-annual Growing Hope conference and this year’s is set for Saturday May 6th

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Wilbourne2Watch our video from the inaugural FoV weekend 




Making it Happen was a conference organised by the Arthur Rank Centre on the challenges of rural mission.

The keynote speakers were Revd Dr Roger Walton, President of the Methodist Conference, on discipleship; and Pete Atkins, Team Co-ordinator for Fresh Expressions.

Germinate is a long established resource for those engaged in ministry in rural areas


Browse our new series of videos made with people in our diocese who have embarked on Ministry of one kind or another.

  1. Revd Ian Girling, Vocations Adviser
  2. Revd J-D Laurence, Curate
  3. Revd Dr Emma Whittick, Deacon
  4. Sue & Terry Reeves, Retreat Organisers
  5. Hannah Karpaty, Church Warden, and Reader Sophie Whitmarsh
  6. Revd Richard Davies, Non-Stipendiary (Local) Minister

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Moses & Leadership: A talk by Ven Malcolm Colmer, former Archdeacon of Hereford to LMA leaders and Area Deans in Carmarthen, October 2015

Opportunities for Christian Ministry in the Diocese:

The Ministry of Christians as a Church

The Ministry Team has prepared a series of leaflets describing the different types of ministry, available to download here in English and Welsh.

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Lay Reader: exercises a ministry of preaching and teaching within the context of worship, often non-Eucharistic. They are also able to extend this ministry in other ways as their context allows. Some Readers are also authorised to conduct funerals, following appropriate selection and training

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Eucharistic Assistant: helps with the distribution of Holy Communion during the celebration of the Eucharist, also known as the Lord’s Supper.

Pastoral Eucharistic Assistant: takes the sacrament of Holy Communion to those who are ill at home or elsewhere, e.g. you might be asked to lead a service for people in a home for the elderly.

What’s involved?

Pastoral Assistant; assists the ministry in the parishes in many ways – visiting, listening, organising events for different groups, offering practical help in various ways.

What’s involved?

Non-stipendiary Minister (Local) is deeply rooted in his/her churches and communities and called to work as an ordained priest in that place with those people

What’s involved?

Worship Leader: assists with the worship services in the church building or elsewhere.

What’s involved?