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Hallowe’en Light Parties

Did you host a Light Party last year using the Scripture Union Light Party Pack? Do you plan to do another one this year? Would you like to have more information and support to run a Light Party?

If so we’d like to hear from you! We’d like to know how your party went last year. Did you have many children and young people attend who don’t usually come to church?

What did you learn from hosting a Light Party? What changes will you make this year? Although you won’t have received a Light Party Pack yet this year (they are now available to order at, we’d love to hear about any plans or ideas you may have for your party this year.

We’d like to share some Light Party success stories to encourage more churches than ever before to host a Light Party. As I’m sure you are, we’re passionate about more children and young people hearing the good news of Jesus and we’re excited about the opportunity to shine the light of Jesus this Halloween.

Please get in touch if you have any stories to share from your Light Party experience or have any questions about this. Email Clare


There is a new element to our grant funding project. We are supporting parishes and LMAs to have Welsh language resources.

We recognise that there are many areas for which the Welsh language is very important and the majority of resources for children and youth ministry are not produced bilingually. However we don’t believe that the most effective system is to translate everything we have into Welsh. Instead, we are asking parishes/LMAs to approach us with texts, resources etc. they wish to use and have translated.

To facilitate this we have an application form, simply to make sure

  • we translate material that is needed and useful
  • we can then have a bank of resources which have been translated into welsh
  • if it has already been translated we can let you know.

Here’s the form you need

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