Diocesan Conference


The Diocesan Conference comprises lay members elected by Deanery Conferences, together with serving clergy, ex-officio, co-opted and nominated members. The President of the Conference is the Bishop.

It is held on the first Saturday of October at the University of Wales Trinity St Davids, Lampeter.

The Conference has many duties and responsibilities under the Constitution of the Church in Wales, including the election of members to the Representative Body, The Governing Body, and the Diocesan Board of Nomination.

The Conference is involved in pastoral reorganisation within the diocese, and a substantial amount of its duties in this, and other respects, are delegated to the Standing Committee.

The Conference receives reports from all the diocesan directorates, boards and committees, and also receives the audited accounts and budget.  Additionally, through discussion groups, it considers – and advises upon – various aspects of the mission and ministry of the Church in the diocese.

NOTE TO COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Reports to Conference 2017 should be submitted to Stranding Committee by June 23rd (one page of A4 maximum)


• Do you ever think that there is an issue that the Diocese or the Church in Wales should be thinking about or making a statement about?
• Do you get frustrated by something in the Diocesan Structure and want to change it?
If the answer to either of these is yes, then why not submit
a motion to the next Diocesan Conference in October

THE Diocesan Conference welcomes motions from parishes and deaneries and even
individuals. It is the place where issues and matters should be debated and discussed. Last year, via a motion that came out of a Deanery Conference, a motion about age limits made it to the floor of the Governing Body. Although part of it was not passed, it did help start an important debate in the Church and raise significant issues.
So, if there is an issue that you are burning for the Diocese or Church in Wales to discuss please submit a motion to the Joint Secretaries of Conference (Canon Paul Mackness or Mrs Val Hockey).

They will be happy to help you with the correct drafting or wording of any motion.
In order to ensure that a motion goes to the next Diocesan Conference,
to be held on Saturday 7th October, it should arrive in written form by the June Standing Committee (29th June) in order that it can be agreed by the Standing
Committee to be in order and further help given if required.

Each motion will require a proposer and seconder, both must be members
of the Diocesan Conference. But please note:
• Motions that relate to Liturgy or Doctrine can only come from a Bishop of the Church in Wales
• Motions that relate to Diocesan Finances can only be advisory to the Diocesan Board of Finance and not binding
• Motions that require a change to, or would contradict, the Constitution of the Church in Wales would have to be passed by the Governing Body after being passed by the Diocesan Conference.

It is your Diocesan Conference and so if you wish to use the democratic process, please submit a motion.

This article by Revd Canon Paul Mackness was originally published in the March 2017 edition of Pobl Dewi